About Us

Background and History Friends of Foya-Borma Hospital, Inc.

Foya-Borma Hospital was established by the Swedish churches more than 60 years ago. The approximately 120-bed hospital, with more than 200 outpatients from the clinics and villages in the nearby communities, was greatly affected by the Ebola outbreak in Liberia. The Ebola virus took the lives of five health care workers at the hospital in 2014. Three Nurses, one Nurse’s Aide, and one Laboratory Aid died during the Ebola outbreak.

The Friends of Foya-Borma Hospital (FOFBH), Inc. is a dream come true visualized by many people. Dr. Nathaniel Saa-Wanda Samba identified the needs of the hospital during the visit in 2013 to see his aging father who sort medical care at Foya-Borma Hospital. Upon his return, his wife decided to celebrate his 60th birthday on August 24, 2013. He donated the gifts in the form of hospital and medical supplies to Foya-Borma Hospital. Six of his friends who attended the event along with Dr. Mary Zozulin, decided to join the Samba family to help the hospital. During the first meeting that was held on September 20, 2013, the group decided to call the organization “Friends of Foya-Borma Hospital, Inc.”


Dr. Mary Zozulin, an Ob-Gyn in Waterbury, Connecticut, worked at the Foya-Borma Hospital during her visit to Foya. “This Lady was actually one of those who initiated the entire process.” Dr. Zozulin had gone to Foya because her daughter, Kristen, was assigned there as a Peace Corp Volunteer. Dr. Zozulin and her daughter were forced to leave Liberia as a result of the outbreak of the Ebola epidemic in 2014. Upon her return to the United States, Dr. Zozulin felt the need to help the people of Foya. She got in touch with FOFBH to help coordinate a medical supply shipment for the people of Lofa. With her help we initiated the partnership to support Foya-Borma Hospital.

Our Goals

1) Collect and donate critical hospital supplies and equipment to facilitate the health care of people in rural communities.

2) Support staff and professional development initiatives of Foya-Borma Hospital.

3) Develop replicable educational programs and projects that support the needs of staff, employees, and patients in the community.

4) Seek volunteers to help with the health care and educational programs for the hospital.

5) Partner with individuals and groups to plan and implement projects that support our mission.

Our work isn’t possible without the generosity of our donors and sponsors. Donate now to help us continue our mission.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to give back to the community through projects that address the health and educational needs of the people in the community.

Executive Committee

Nathaniel S. Samba, E.D., President
James F. Salifu, Secretary
Sahr A. A. Nyorkor, Treasurer
Mary Zozulin, MD, Project Manager
Saah F. Kanda, Project Coordinator

Board of Directors

Anthony F. Borwah, DD
Daniel Saah, MD
Francis T. Forndia
Gwendolyn J. Kelley, Ph.D.
Henry H. Hali
Mary Zozulin, MD
Maureen A. Ziboh, MD
Sahr E. Johnny
Tamba M. Tandanpolie
William S. Kamanda, MD