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Foya-Borma Hospital

Friends of Foya-Borma Hospital (FOFBH), Inc. is a non-profit organization established in 2013 to address humanitarian needs in the community. The approximately 120-bed hospital, Located in Foya District Liberia, serves more than 200 outpatients from the clinics and villages in the nearby communities. The FOFBH was organized as a nonprofit organization to help prepare the hospital and health centers in the villages and communities to address health issues such as the Ebola outbreak in 2014.

Since it’s creation the organization’s projects have had positive impact not only on Foya-Borma Hospital; but also, the more than 11 health centers in Foya District. Learn more about our projects and how you can help FOFBH grow to extend services to the rest of Liberia.

Our Mission

Our mission is to give back to the community through projects that address the health and educational needs of the people in the community.


Our Projects

Friends of Foya-Borma Hospital, Inc., (FOFBH) regularly plans, sponsors, and implements annual events and conferences to achieve the mission and goals of the organization.   SEE ALL PROJECTS

About Us

The Friends of Foya-Borma Hospital (FOFBH) is a dream come true visualized by many people. Dr. Nathaniel S. Samba initially identified the needs of the hospital during the visit in 2013 to see his aging father who sought medical care at Foya-Borma Hospital.

Upon his return to the United States, his wife decided to celebrate his 60th birthday on August 24, 2013. He donated the gifts of hospital and medical supplies to Foya-Borma Hospital. Six of his friends who attended the event, decided to join the Samba family to help the hospital. During the first meeting that was held on September 20, 2013, the group founded the Non-Profit organization. This was the start of “Friends of Foya-Borma Hospital, Inc.”. The group currently serves a district in Liberia but has plans to extend it’s projects to the rest of Liberia.

Board of Directors

Executive Committee
Nathaniel S. Samba, Ed.D.,
James F. Salifu,
Sahr A. A. Nyorkor,
Mary Zozulin, MD,
Saah F. Kanda,

Board of Directors
Anthony F. Borwah, DD
Daniel Saah, MD
Francis T. Forndia
Gwendolyn J. Kelley, Ph.D.
Henry H. Hali
Mary Zozulin, MD
Maureen A. Ziboh, MD
William S. Kamanda, MD

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News & Updates

Solar Lanterns Project

Through the partnership with the Village Improvement Project (VIP), 20 solar lamps were donated to Foya-Borma Hospital. According to the hospital administrator, “since January 26, 2018…


Solar Power Generator Project

We are planning a $45,000.00 Solar Power Generator Project for Foya-Borma Hospital. This project will benefit many children and adults in the surrounding communities…


FOFBH Success Stories

Hospital and Patient Supplies (2014)

In 2014, FOFBH donated one barrel and an extra-large box of hospital and patient supplies to Foya-Borma Hospital in Liberia. These supplies were used to initiate the fight against the Ebola outbreak at the hospital in 2014. Since then, additional boxes of supplies have been sent to the hospital by one of the board members, Dr. Zozulin, and FOFBH.


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