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Community Health Fair (2016)

FOFBH sponsored and presented two Health Fairs in two communities in Indianapolis. Chellando Association of Indiana and the Men’s Association of Indiana partnered to present these health fairs. This outreach educational interactive project was designed to screen individuals in the community for diabetes and blood pressure on a voluntary basis. This and similar fairs will be planned conducted each year.

First Container Project (2014-2015)

FOFBH donated a 40-foot long container of Ebola-specific logistics relief supplies and equipment to Foya-Borma Hospital in 2014. The materials were valued at approximately $200,000.00. This project was implemented in collaboration with MedShare, United Parcel Service, the Permanente Group of Central Valley, with contributions from the Association of Citizens and Friends of Liberia, the Liberian Association of Northern California, benefited more than 20 healthcare facilities including the four major hospitals in Lofa County, Liberia.

Solar Lanterns Project

Through the partnership with the Village Improvement Project (VIP), 20 solar lamps were donated to Foya-Borma Hospital. According to the hospital administrator, “since January 26, 2018, when we received the solar lamps, we have been able to save at least six (6) gallons of fuel each night; saving the hospital nearly $30 per night, approximately $10,000.00 per year. This is a significant reduction in fuel consumption. “We are very grateful to the Village Improvement Project through Friends of Foya-Borma Hospital, Inc., for the kind gesture.” The overall impact of solar lamps is that they are very helpful. Ask, how the nurses feel? They feel very happy with these lamp terns.